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Make money the viral and Recurring way

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 Website Traffic 

even traffic, is a work from home opportunity

where to get internet traffic to your website?
There is of course SEO and paid advertising via the search engines and the cheaper way to get traffic could be the traffic exchanges, here I would like to highlight one, namely LeadsLeap, where you can get both free and paid traffic to your links.

The free one requires a lot of clicks on ads, to earn credits for submitting your own ads.

In the paid one, on the other hand, you don’t have to click on ads, to get views on your own ads, you’ll get many clicks on your ads, for the fixed monthly payment of $ 27.
It makes it a lot easier and then you only click on ads, that look exciting.

As a free member, you get 25% in commission for referrals who upgrade, while as a pro member you get 50% in commission.

So the nimble has probably already figured out, that it only requires 2 paying followers, to have your own pro membership completely free and that’s with a lot of good free and easy traffic to your advertising.

Advertising is shown both on LeadsLeap’s own website, but also on many other websites, like mine eg. as you’ll see below the post. And the nimble guy has also already figured out that more than 2 followers are pure PROFITS, exactly, it can turn out to be a good business for you.

So how do you get those followers?

You must, of course, advertise it elsewhere, you could just show your referral link, here and there and everywhere, but you could also use this option, a “made for you landing page“, which you can fill in, as described and share everywhere, after you, of course, yourself has signed up for LeadsLeap first, it should make it easier, to get others involved.

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The App Builder

building app is a work from home opportunity too

This software, can build your own apps, Drag & Drop easy

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